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Bella Capella _ Goats Milk Soap _ About


Bella Capella is a natural, handmade goats milk soap using 100% naturally sourced ingredients. All of the oils and scents used are natural and the ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible, including the beeswax which is produced by Dartmoor Honey within a mile of the small holding.

All of our soaps are handcrafted in small batches at our smallholding where we breed our goats, based in Ashburton, situated on the edge of rural Dartmoor, Devon and they share the yard with our four horses. The goats are free to roam in the fields, living harmoniously with both our dogs and horses, enjoying an organic and sustainable lifestyle. They meet with the highest welfare standards and are registered British Goats. The goats are called Bronwyn and Miss Nuggets and Bronwyn is the only milk provider so far.

Bella Capella _ Goats Milk Soap _ About
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Claire Tilley, Founder

Bella Capella

Our name; Bella Capella quite simply means “pretty she-goat”. The word ‘capella’ has Latin origins meaning ‘she-goat’ and the Italian meaning of ‘bella’ being beautiful, seemed to be a perfect name match! We love our goats and we think they are beautiful and their milk produces gorgeous, natural soap that has many skin benefits. We hope you love it as much as we do!

The goats are called Bronwyn (British Saanen breed) and Miss Nuggets (Anglo Nubian breed). Bronwyn is the only milk provider so far and she has had two female kids in the last couple of years.
The 2019 born kids are called Juno and Edith and we are planning for them to be providing milk in 2021. We hope Miss Nuggets will produce kids next year too and then become a milk provider along with Bronwyn.

The 2020 newly born kids in May 2020 are called Abbra and Audrey.

All of the Bella Capella goats are registered with the British Goat Society.

What our customers say

“I absolutely love my Bella Capella soaps, they smell gorgeous and make the perfect gift too!”



“I am so in love with these soaps! They lather up really well and are so creamy. All of the fragrances are just so gorgeous!”



"I can't get enough of these gorgeous soaps. They're so creamy and I just love the shape and scent of the mini travel size ones. Just perfect!"


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